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Hello Friends,


Since 2009 Cambridge Heights Academy has been providing programs designed to support the entire family. We seek to develop, and prepare families and students, educationally, socially and intellectually to reach their highest potential.


Our professional team of staff and volunteers work to instill the twin attributes of collective responsibility and discipline in our families and students so that they may succeed in all their endeavors.


Our priority is to provide quality, comprehensive educational and supportive programs that help students become engaged learners in and out of the classroom, positive risk takers, and moral role models for their peers.  Our community-based programming assists the entire family unit in providing the safeguards for students and parents to acquire self-confidence in their academic, behavioral and social-emotional abilities, allowing them to realize a more positive inclusion in their school community and the local community at-large.  


Through our five priority program areas, students are supported academically, empowered socially and become equipped to make decisions that will enable them to become productive, responsible citizens, free from the negative impact of drugs, violence, and other destructive behaviors


We look forward to being in partnership with you as we collectively impact the lives of students throughout the United States.





Derrick Hill


Cambridge Heights Academy

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