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Academic Excellence 


S.T.R.I.V.E. (Skilled, Talented, Responsible, Intellectual, Versatile, Evolving) Enrichment Program 


Pillars: Review, Remediate, Enrich



  • Engage students in innovative learning opportunities that extend from traditional expectations into non-traditional hands-on learning that are applicable to potential future life and career expectations.

  • Increase knowledge, attitude, and instructional practices, necessary to develop a sense of the relationship between career awareness, academics, and personal interests. 


Passport to Excellence College and Career Readiness Program


Pillars: Preparation of Path, Exploration of Destination and Financial Literacy



  • Cater to the specific creativity of each individual and strategically match it to their future opportunities along the path of development.

  • Introduce students to the expectation of salary ranges and basic job functions of five career options, minimum.

  • Engage students and parents to make connections, articulate, develop long and short-term goal setting.



Voice to the Voiceless Debate Program


Pillars: Critical Thinking Skills, Logic, and Reasoning, Oratorical Skills



  • Increase children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, helping them make their own judgments and express them effectively.

  • Create an organized platform whereby students can display the tools they have learned through debate to their peers and parents. 

  • Increase literacy scores, grade- point averages, attendance rates, and high school graduation rates




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