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Character Development

Me, Myself and I Plus Others Social-Emotional Learning Program


Pillars: Self-regulation, Empathy, Emotion Management, Problem-solving skills



  • Recognize the concepts of empathy and develop empathetic relationships.

  • Demonstrate impulse control skills such as thinking before responding, projection, and anticipation of cause and effect outcomes.

  • Reinforce positive, pro-social behavior, so that our students get the most out of society.


Character Counts Program


Pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship



  • Increase students' ethical behavior by affording children the chance to develop exceptional character and attitudes.

  • Enhance their commitment to education by predispositions toward doing what is right.

  • Reduce their rate of delinquency by fostering acceptable and unacceptable habits and instincts.


Passport to Success All Boys Program 


Pillars: Self Regulator, Empathizer, Emotion Manager, Problem Solver, Leadership



  • Allow students to become engaged learners and effectively resolve conflict.

  • Develop positive self-esteem and confidence within themselves and their abilities.

  • Provide leadership skills within the students, to develop personal responsibility and commitment to the larger community. 

Young Ladies’ Diamonds and Pearls All-Girls Academy


Pillars: Leadership, Stress Management, Impulse Control, Positive Self-Image, Etiquette  



  • Develop the necessary tools, in the girls, to identify with and establish positive peer, family, and workplace relationships.

  • Provide the necessary skills on how to identify your emotions, how to manage them, and ways to constructively express them.

  • Contribute to the good of one’s school, family, community, and environment.

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