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Derrick Hill, President/CEO

Fierce Leadership; Bold Success

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Establishing his services on a foundation of integrity, Derrick Hill is a renowned entrepreneur and mentor who enjoys every moment of helping Nonprofit Organizations unlock new levels of sustainable success. Derrick features an extensive background involving the intricacies of leadership development, organizational growth, sales/marketing accentuation, and inspiring healthy mindset transformations and continuously leverages that dynamicity to guide tomorrow’s leaders towards cultivating the high-performing futures they deserve.


Born and raised in the central heart of Harlem, New York, Derrick has always been an entrepreneurial-spirited person and a creative visionary who possessed a rooted passion for surfacing the hidden areas of growth. Part of that stems from his empowering/compassionate nature and the other from his intense flame to help catapult the human experience forward personally and professionally. With this as his base and innate moral/ethical values, it became the catalyst for Derrick to attend Jackson State University and ultimately unearth his elating vision to help nonprofits reach newfound scalability and capitalize on their strengths to leave their own marks in the world.


One vision board and endless perseverance later, Derrick has since intertwined his motivating energy with his expertise across the marketing, board development, leadership, and fundraising sectors to position nonprofits towards achieving long-term excellence – leading to his heavily endorsed status as a staple change agent in the eyes of nonprofits of all sizes across the nation. Some of the more notable champions include (but are not limited to) The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, The YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and numerous others in-between ranging from zero staff up to 300. In addition, Derrick is the Managing Partner of HillChase LLC, President/CEO of Cambridge Heights Academy, and the Course Creator of Expand & Grow Your Nonprofit in 90 Days – a rigorous weekly course that enables nonprofit leaders to grow their organizations and improve program development in as little as three months.


Being a professional fueled by road-mapping others towards success, nothing makes Derrick happier than translating nonprofit objectives into tangible realities and doing so while ensuring everyone involved has positive, constructive experiences along the way. Derrick has a genuine passion for influencing global reform and demonstrates it by delivering nonprofits actionable, innovative, and tailored support that solidifies growth-driven futures. Because in the end, every nonprofit organization has what it takes to instill lasting impacts that society today and future generations can benefit from, sometimes all it takes is connecting with someone who values your success just as much as you do to recognize that.


Free time? With his career being his passion, Derrick loves what he does and takes pride in proving that any nonprofit can succeed with the right growth support, thoughtful change, accountability, and splashes of encouraging motivation through each phase. However, when Derrick is not working or brainstorming new innovative concepts to help bolster the nonprofit landscape, you can often find him out kayaking to unwind and spend time with his friends and family.  


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